PP Lear San Buenaventura speaking for the JCI MAKATI 2013 Board of Directors Planning Session held at the JCI Makati 2013 President Huebert Cua residence at Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa City.
Rule of thirds! White balance! JCI Makati clicks on photo101, the basics of photography. We all know that in JCI, we love camera, we love photo ops, and its also not bad to know that we also have talents in photography, with guru JCI Louie Zamuco, attendees learn to maximize their point and shoots to DSLR digital cameras, not only that JCI Louie Zamuco brings out the artistic side of each and everyone attended. From aperture to shutter speed, your next photo is the winning bid.

“we live to learn, learn to grow, grow to share… louie Z.”

From April 27, 2011 JCi Makati photo 101, posted by Hubert Tomas Qua on 4/27/2011